Support the LPO

Did you know...

  • ...the LPO performs more than 120 concerts in 36 weeks?
  • ...the LPO present 40 children’s concerts reaching in excess of 12,000 students?
  • ...that the LPO distributes music educational materials statewide to 50,000+ students?
  • ...that the LPO travels 15,000+ miles a season and add to the history and cultural life of the city?
  • ...that the LPO provides free park and family concerts including our collaboration with The Historic New Orleans Collection?

And, did you know…WE NEED YOUR HELP!

YOUR support is needed to help the LPO maintain a full-time orchestra of 67 musicians. Building and sustaining strong, distinguished programs requires that we build systems for engaging people who care – in short, YOU. This city is extremely fortunate to have the caliber of musicians playing, and the passion and energy that music director Carlos Miguel Prieto brings to the stage.

Support the music you love and the education and quality of life the LPO brings to the community.

This organization is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization

To donate contact:
Mimi Kruger
Director of Patron and Institutional Development
504.523.6530 Ext. 302
Mail to:
1010 Common Street, Suite 2120
New Orleans, LA 70112